Meet the Owner

Hey mama! I'm Diane, the owner behind this little boutique. I've been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 15 years (how did that happen!?!) and mama to these two cute drama filled girls. This little shop has been around since my youngest was born; almost 5 years.

I started as a 100% handmade shop. I made everything from wooden signs & home decor, to water bottles, coffee mugs, and even t-shirts. Those little t-shirts are what got the ball rolling on what you see today at Sparkled Light Boutique. 

As a mom, I struggled getting dressed in the morning. I always made sure my girls looked cute and put together but usually put myself on the back burner when it came to dressing myself. It slowly started to change when I began making t-shirts. I became obsessed with these buttery soft tee's (the ones you still find in the shop today). They were very different from normal cotton tee. I loved the fit, I was still comfortable but felt a little more put together. 

As I began actually enjoying getting dressed again, I thought "how else can I streamline this? Where can I go to find easy pieces that will work with my busy life?" Most online boutiques I came across were super frilly & dressy, some had tons of animal print, some of were very western & country--none of which was my style. I spend most of my days at home but I still had the desire to look good. Comfort should still look good and not frumpy. 

I set out on a mission to find comfy, stylish clothes that would fit my everyday mom life. Simple pieces that would make the whole getting dressed process easier. 

That's exactly where we are today. Bringing you style to your everyday mom life. I'm so grateful you're here and hope I can inspire & encourage you through this wonderful ride of motherhood.