Leftovers Are For Quitters Tee

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An everyday essential for the busy mama

Mornings are hectic right? Children climbing on you & pulling you in every direction possible. "Mom, I need some cereal." "Mom, can I watch My Little Pony?" It's mom, mom, mom all morning long. Leaving little time to get yourself ready everyday. You grab the first thing you see (your husbands tee & your favorite leggings) and call it done. This isn't your ideal outfit but it's easy & comfy right?

It's time to ditch the hubby tee's and say hello to our favorite mama tee's. It's just as comfy as that ratty old tee you've been wearing for years AND will fit you so much better. Did I mention it's crazy comfy?  They will seriously become your go-to!

  • modest round neckline
  • buttery soft fabric
  • trendy bleached & dipped 
  • True to size for a good comfy fit
  • Unisex Tee
  • Model is in a L
What are you waiting for mama? These are an essential for every busy mama. Grab yours now! 

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